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Hello there, my name is Linton and I enjoy designing on BIG computer screens.


Ever since I was a wee lad, I always dreamed of being a pilot. My dad took me to the small airport in the north of my homeland in St. Lucia to watch planes take-off and land on Sunday afternoons. The fun continued when I got home to my pencils and sketchbooks. I had books filled with drawings of planes, and happy pilots waving to the folks on the ground.

In retrospect, and with lots of help from the School of Visual Arts, I became exactly what I wanted to be all those years ago. I am a pilot of design. Coming from such a beautiful, colorful country has had an immense impact on my design style. Though I favor simple, clean lines over clutter, and always try to solve problems when I approach any project; I dash it with bright, brilliant color. Sure there are times I need to tone it down, but where's the fun in that?

I have had the pleasure of peddling my colorful wares to many clients in the New York City area, ranging from television networks like WE tv, Sundance Channel and Oxygen, to creative agencies like Brand New School and JWALK, to small businesses and non-profits. I enjoy working alone, but thrive on a team because of the wonderful camaraderie, and sense of contributing a small part of a bigger puzzle.

My life doesn't completely revolve around work so in my spare time I enjoy reading comics, playing video games, riding my bicycle as far as my legs will take me, filling my moleskin with tons of illustrations, and spending time with my family. I love fiddling with gadgets, collecting vinyl toys, and keeping them clean with a swiffer duster. These hobbies keep me calm and level headed, so I plan on adding even more during the years.


These are some of the companies I've worked with:


Networks & Agencies
WE tv
Sundance Channel
Oxygen Network
Brand New School
Leroy and Clarkson

Small Business & Non-Profit
J. Michaels Tuscan Steakhouse
Limitless Heart Life Coaching
Operation Homefront
Joe's House
University Tutors